Meet Rev. John Molina-Moore

The Session is pleased to announce that Rev. John Molina-Moore will begin as part-time Pastor for Community Life on Sunday, June 4.

John writes, “I easily get excited.  My heart rate goes up from anything like four yard runs on first down to new flavors of Cheerios in the grocery store.  But there aren’t many things that I’m passionate about.   One of those passions is the church.  I’m eager to not only see where God is calling the church to go and be but to also become an active participant in that movement.  It’s a passion I’ve had before my days at seminary, a passion that lead me this far in ministry, and a passion that has brought me to Western.

“The best part about having a passion is when you get to share it with those around you and I’ve already seen it in you.  Your enthusiasm to step onto a limb where most churches are afraid to venture is impressive.  You obviously love being the living body of Christ; one that is constantly on the move and considering its next steps and not being a museum where we only honor the past.  Western, I hope our shared energy, compassion, and willingness to trust each other and The Spirit will carry us on this amazing and uncharted journey ahead of us.”

About John

Rev. John Molina-Moore is originally from San Jose, CA but has been living up and down the east coast for the past decade.  Prior to coming to Western he served two churches in Wilmington, DE.  John graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 2011 and was the recipient of the Gerald R. Johnson Award in Speech Communication in Ministry.  His passion in ministry is helping reframe what it means to be The Church in 2017 and the years to come.  He enjoys any and all things sports and is a self proclaimed hip-hop connoisseur.  His wife, Amy, is the Associate Rector at St Columba’s Episcopal Church in Washington.

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