2018 Narrative Budget

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What happens when a teenager owns her faith to the point that she comes to church with or without her parents?  Or when a person who carries all of his belongings with him joins a church community group?  Or when faithful folks keep marching and praying and talking about what is most important?  It’s all happening here at Western, and it’s all God’s mission in the life of our church.

This year, investment in Western made an impact here in Foggy Bottom and beyond, and you need to know how.  This narrative budget reflects God’s abundance at work in us, based on your generosity.  Rather than focusing on our entire operating budget, it tells the story of how your investment – your financial giving – accomplishes God’s mission through Western.  (The session will approve our operating budget in December; copies may be requested through the church office.)

Last year we developed our shared vision through 2020, focusing on nurturing and growing, creating connections, committing to peace and social justice, and loving and supporting through faith.  2017 has been a year of finding new ways to make the vision a reality.

Given our church’s financial resources to offset our building and facilities costs, every dollar you faithfully invest goes to make our mission and ministry possible.  Whether supporting our pastors so that they might preach and lead worship, providing opportunities for a mission co-worker in Colombia, or hosting an event to raise community consciousness, your faithful giving means we continue as an active force and passionate voice for God’s justice and love here and now.

I invite you to join me in prayer for all of our ministry and as we discover God’s abundance anew through the generosity of Westerners.

Together in Christ’s mission and ministry,


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