Personnel Ministry Team Notes: March 2018

The Personnel Ministry Team discussed the revision of the Employee Handbook scheduled for 2018.  Copies will be sent to all team members and we will decide at our next meeting whether to proceed with the review or postpone it a year.  If it is postponed, the cost currently in the budget could be eliminated to help address our shortfall in pledges.

Laura updated the team on the progress of the music task force and the desire to hire by the summer.  She asked for a volunteer from the Personnel Ministry Team to sit on the search committee in the spring.

Laura presented her plan for revising job descriptions to create accurate descriptions that can be directly tied to performance reviews.  Performance reviews are scheduled to be complete by the beginning of June and Laura asked that a member of the Personnel Ministry Team be in attendance at each review.  Laura pointed out that there is no job description for her position.  She will forward the CIF to Jack and Susie who will use it to develop a job description.

Susie asked that all team members be alert to comments from members of the congregation related to personnel matters.  If comments indicate misinformation or misinterpretation, team members should either correct the information or refer members to Susie or Laura.  The team agreed that reports to the congregation from team meetings might be helpful.

The meeting adjourned with prayer.