Session Notes – April 2019

Your Session covered two substantial topics at its regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening.

We heard a finance update from church co-treasurer Ray Sendejas.  The financial news is mixed.  So far this year, expenses are under control and generally within budget.

The bigger picture isn’t as pleasing – pledge giving commitments are well short of our goal and we rely on the endowment to fund half of our day-to-day operating expenses.  This is not sustainable, but little can be done in the near term.  Suffice to say that the Session is attuned to the issue.

The Virginia Avenue plaza project took up most of our meeting.  Recapping briefly, there are safety/security/public health issues associated with the homeless community’s use of the plaza (especially at night), and remediation will require some capital investment.  A task force was formed to investigate alternatives, and its work nears completion.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but we will likely choose a configuration that can be secured at some times and opened during others.  It will certainly be more welcoming and attractive than the existing space.  We also realize that, to paraphrase President Lincoln, we cannot please all of the people all of the time.  Please bear with us as we attempt to square this circle.

Thanks for reading.  See you next month.