Session Notes – February 2019

Your Session met again this past week.

Every second Tuesday is “leadership night” here at Western.  Usually, the Session and the Deacons meet (and work) together for a time over food and then split into separate groups.

We’re all eager to hear an update from the Plaza Task Force.  They will be holding a listening session with the congregation and the architect following worship on February 24.  The impetus for this was, frankly, a public health issue related to the homeless population and whether we needed a gate.  With time and reflection, it’s grown to consider how we can use all of our outside space in a way that is useful, aesthetic and reverential.

We’re planning “a new thing” (if you’re biblically inclined, see Isaiah 43:19) in June that will include interesting and engaging activities outside of worship time.  It’s an experiment – details are coming.

Also watch for the announcement of an Intercultural Vision Team that will guide our passage towards being an “intentionally intercultural” congregation.

There’s a lot in the planning pipeline right now.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.