Session Notes – July 2019

Your Session sat for its regular monthly meeting earlier this week.  Discussion of the new program year beginning in September dominated the meeting.

One part of this is the possibility of changing the Sunday worship time from 11:00 to 10:00, based on our experience in June.  The survey results so far offer little guidance – roughly equal numbers express a preference for each time.  A plurality is indifferent.

In any case, the important thing we learned from our June experiment (with “engage faith” programs following worship) wasn’t about time – it was that there is a demand for relevant programming and activities beyond what we normally offer on Sunday mornings.

After much discussion, we decided to leave the worship time at 11:00am this fall and add at least one additional program option, either before or after church.  We currently have choir practice and the Free Inquiry class in the hour before worship, and we hope you’ll respond to the new offerings with the same enthusiasm you give to these.

This is – and will continue to be – a work in progress.  We are not averse to change so long as it serves our ultimate goal of growing the church both in breadth of membership and depth of engagement with our shared faith.

In the meantime, we welcome your ideas about the kind of programming you’d like!  Our intention, as we’ve said, is to make your Sunday morning church experience as robust (and engaging) as possible.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for reading, and enjoy your summer.