Session Notes – June 2019

Your Session sat for its regular monthly meeting earlier this week.

As you know, we’re trying some different things programmatically this summer – worship has moved to 10:00am a month earlier than usual and, for three weeks in June, we’ve added three participatory classes following worship at 11.

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but we’ve begun to consider leaving this summer schedule – worship at 10, followed at 11 by a couple of program options (including the Free Inquiry class) — in place after summer ends.

We’re very interested to know how you think and feel about this.  We know there would be some complications to work through with choir rehearsal and hospitality hour.

Briefly, here’s our thinking.  Western is an urban (not a neighborhood) church, so our congregation cannot make it to church multiple days of the week.  As a practical matter, whatever we do mostly needs to be done on Sundays.  Our goal is to make this Sunday experience as robust and rewarding as it can be.

Please think about this and watch for a survey we’ll be sending.  Everyone should have a say, and we promise to change nothing for change sake!

Thanks for reading.  See you next month.