The Gaston Paige Scholarship Fund

Western friends,

By now you have heard about the scholarship fund in honor of Gaston Paige, for the purpose of educational expenses for Yani and Isaiah Watson.  With the understanding that the fund is established independently of Western Church, the following letter from Wayne and Kate Lynn shares the details of how you may participate as together we honor a lifetime of faithful service.

Grace and peace,
Laura Cunningham

Dear Members and Friends of Western,

We are pleased to announce the formation and opening of the Gaston Paige College Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the fund is to support the tuition, room and board and other college education expenses for Gaston’s two grandchildren Yani and Isaiah Watson. Both young adults are serious students with excellent grades, strong leadership qualities and the vision and desire to be future gifted leaders in our community.

Yani is completing her second year at Clark College in Atlanta, majoring in business. She plans to attend MBA school and earn her Masters Degree in Business. Ultimately, she plans to start her own business in the District. Isaiah has literally grown up with us and is now a freshman at Wilson High School in DC. His grades are excellent in the college prep curriculum that he is taking which will advance him for admission to a major college of his choice. Isaiah also has the vision and motivation to succeed in college and in life.

Gaston is fully committed toward the personal support and love necessary to help Yani and Isaiah achieve their full potential in life. As we are fully aware, the cost of a college education today is quickly becoming prohibitive for all low and moderate income families. Traditionally, Western members and friends of the church have always generously shown their appreciation and loyalty to long serving staff members for their devotion and outstanding service to Western Church.

Gaston Paige has blessed us for 59 years with all of his love, caring and extraordinary service. He is now retired from Western Church as Sexton Emeritus with great integrity, relentless devotion and boundless unmatched loyalty to all.

The church Session and Laura Cunningham fully support the establishment of the Gaston Paige College Scholarship Fund and join with Kate and me in asking for your loving and generous gifts to Gaston’s college fund for Yani and Isaiah’s future success.

Checks are payable to:
DC College Savings Plan
(Please do not make checks out to the church.)

Mailing address:
Gaston Paige Scholarship Fund
P. O. Box 56695
Washington, DC 20040

Gifts to the fund may be a single contribution or a pledge to Gaston’s scholarship fund with multiple payments small or large over a period of years. The P.O. box not only provides security for your payments but allows you to remain directly in touch with Gaston as he begins a new phase in his life.

PLEASE NOTE: The scholarship fund has been legally organized under the DC College Savings Plan 529 and is not tax deductible to contributors on either your local or federal tax return. The increased personal tax deduction on Schedule A allowed under the new tax law will probably benefit most tax payers and reduce the need for a 501(c)(3) tax deduction.

The scholarship fund was originally planned to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which made everyone’s contribution tax deductible at both the local and federal level. However, we changed the scholarship fund to the college savings plan 529 after much discussion with tax lawyers concerned with Gaston’s personal tax liability under the 501(c)(3) IRS tax regulations.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, kindness and generous support for the Gaston Paige Scholarship Fund. We are available to answer any questions.

Email: or
Wayne’s cell: 703-855-8160. Kate’s cell: 703-755-5004.

May God Bless.

Wayne and Kate Lynn