Update on Painting and Lighting

From Welcome Space Team and Facilities:

  • The second and final round of painting interior spaces in the church building is scheduled for August.  Color palette decisions continue to follow the same general design as agreed in 2016:   shifting from the cold, neutral grays and a dark interior “climate”, to warm golds and occasional accent colors.   Spaces include the Sanctuary, Narthex, and the Courtyard Room, as well as some offices, restrooms, kitchen, and passageways that were not painted last year.  The Courtyard room will have a new look:  the current total-yellow replaced with off-white walls and blue-green accent to enhance the focal point of the green stone fireplace and inscription above the mantle.
  • The “color team” has been reviewing several color options for each space and you will see some color samples posted on the walls during July in preparation for the painting.
  • Also during July the electrician will install new LED lighting in the sanctuary, chancel area, and courtyard room, all of which should contribute to brighter and warmer interior spaces.

Questions? Contact Sara Parker