Virtual Choir for Easter

We just finished our second live stream Worship service. We’re still working out the kinks, and we have ideas on how to fix and refine. It’s been a steep learning curve for us all, but we pick up the pieces and forge ahead because, in this new norm of social distancing, we’re all craving community and connection.

As I looked ahead to plan our upcoming live streams, I couldn’t believe Holy Week is only two weeks away. I can hardly imagine Easter Sunday without being in each other’s presence. What will the church be that morning without the joy-filled, triumphant sounds of voices singing praises together? Then the lightbulb moment came. We can sing together, and we can be together as a church without walls even if the walls of our building ring silent on April 12. Here’s how.

Let’s form a virtual choir to sing the Hallelujah Chorus! Our Easter service traditionally ends with the choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. Last year, we invited everyone attending to sing with the choir. We must have crammed over 80% of the congregation into the chancel!

This year, I’m calling on anyone and everyone again to lend your voice. Choir members, church members, kids, adults, families—send me your videos!

To produce the video, I will need all video submissions by 4 pm on Saturday, April 4. This is the cutoff date, but please send them as soon as possible.

  • light your face
  • try to eliminate excess noise
  • use headphones (so the mic only picks up your voice)
  • smile! light up your face! sing with your eyes!
  • ignore the video instructions about wearing solid T-shirts. That is not a requirement for the Western video.
  • UPDATE: Do NOT email your video to Allan but upload it here instead. (Video are usually too big to email.)


Note: If you’d like to record a shorter section instead of the whole video, choose one of the following options:

  • Highest priority  the ending (3:55–end)
  • High priority  “King of Kings and Lord of Lords!” (2:35–3:14)
  • Medium priority  the beginning (0:40–1:06)
  • choose your own section