Welcoming Light – A Project to Install Lights on Western’s Front Stained Glass Window


The lighting contractor gave us a preview of the backlit window.
The lighting contractor gave us a preview of the backlit window.
Window at night
Western’s front stained glass window at night without lighting.

Dear Western members and friends,

We are writing to invite you to join us in an opportunity to grow Western’s welcome while honoring one of our long-time and most welcoming members.  As you may know, there has been a task force working to make our building more welcoming.  You will have seen some of their work in the new warm colors throughout the building.  The task force has also made recommendations to improve lighting in specific areas of the building.  One recommendations is to light the large stained glass windows at the front of the church to identify us to passersby as a church that would welcome them.

We would like to dedicate this window to Kermit Scheele, a longtime member of Western who passed away recently.  Kermit was a member of Western for many years, serving in many capacities, but most memorably as church treasurer for sixteen years.  He was a quiet, joyful presence at Western.  He made it his business to get to know new members and make them feel a part of the church family.  He participated in worship, attended the Wednesday night suppers and Bible study, and was always available to assist on special projects.  In addition to his faithful service at Western, Kermit served for 27 years as a staff member at National Capital Presbytery.

In his Veteran’s History Project Interview conducted by our own Anneliesa Clump Alprin, Kermit says “I thought I was going into ministry, but that fell by the wayside.”  We think it didn’t go by the wayside at all.  Kermit spent all his years at Western ministering to our congregation in so many ways.

As Kermit was a shining light at Western, we would like the front window to be a shining light for our community, an indication that Western is here to welcome strangers and friends alike.  The cost to illuminate this window is estimated at $9000.  We are asking you to contribute to this effort to improve our church home while honoring one of our cherished members.  This is an unusual project for Western.  While other churches have raised money to improve their buildings or even build additions or new facilities, Western has not done this since the mortgage burning in 1955.

We know we have the spiritual and financial resources in this congregation to fund this project.  Members of the Session have already made individual financial commitment to start the process.  We are asking you to join us by making a donation to the Welcoming Light Fund.  You can make your gift by check made out to Western Presbyterian Church and marked as Welcoming Light or online through Easy Tithe with a notation of Welcoming Light.

We hope you will join us in honoring Kermit by making a gift to light up our community.

Susie Farr                    Nicole Wallace

Update: Thanks to the generosity of many Western members and friends, we are close to meeting our goal of $9000. Your donations now total $7673.68. That means we need less than $1400 to meet our goal.  If you have not yet made a gift, please consider giving now and helping to push us over the top. Thank you!