Your Giving: Supports migrant youth and ending homelessness

Helping migrant youth through the U.S. immigration system and ending homelessness in D.C. through Western’s mission giving:

  • Alarmed by the increasing number of youth arriving in the U.S, nearly 70,000 migrant children held in custody in 2019, the Mission Team provided Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) a $2000 grant.  KIND is a national organization that has five program goal: 
    1. provide legal service to unaccompanied youth in deportation proceedings;
    2. help children and families deal with implications of Family Separation policy;
    3. help ensure that unaccompanied children receive fair and appropriate treatment while in the U.S. immigration system;
    4. work to protect children’s right and safety, during and after migration;
    5. help migrant children adjust to a new country, new language, new homes and address the traumas they experience. 
  • The Mission Team provided Miriam’s Kitchen with a $2500 gift in 2019.  The gift was given to support MK’s exemplary work in ending homelessness by:
    1. serving more than 75,000 healthy, fresh meals a year;
    2. connecting 5000 homeless individuals to critical social services;
    3. helping secure funding from DC Government to help 1260 individuals and 560 families;
    4. providing supportive services to 176 formerly homeless individuals living in Permanent Supportive Housing; and
    5. reducing food costs to less than .50 cents per meal.