Zoom Upgrade to Version 5

Beginning May 30, Zoom will require all users to upgrade their software/app to Version 5 before they can join a meeting or webinar.

Here are a few ways to do the upgrade ahead of time:

  • If you are using a computer with Zoom installed, open up the Zoom app (also called Zoom client): log in, click the icon with your initials or profile picture (in the upper right corner), and press “Check for Updates” on the drop down menu. Follow the on screen directions.
    (If you are using a computer but you only use Zoom in your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), you will automatically be using the updated version of Zoom.)
  • Phones and tablets should update automatically. To verify that your app has been updated, go to the Zoom app on your device, select Settings, then select About, and confirm that your app is version 5.0 or later.
  • Alternatively, you can download and install directly from the Zoom websitehttps://zoom.us/download (Choose “Zoom Client for Meetings” to update computers or “Zoom Mobile Apps” for mobile devices).

If your software isn’t up to date on Sunday, May 31, please allow extra time to download and install before worship. When you open the worship link, Zoom will prompt you if the update is required.