A Word from Laura

In some ways 2020 will give us a different 4th of July. We won’t travel as much; gatherings will be limited. In a time when our nation continues to come to terms with the deep flaws in the system we’ve inherited, I hope our celebration includes reflection and repentance. As Confederate statues are coming down, I hope that we canRead More →

“Liminal,” from the Latin limen, meaning door threshold, refers to transitional moments or spaces. You’ve left one place but you’re not yet in the next. Anthropologists describe liminality as the ambiguity and disorientation that happens in rites of passage, when a person is finished with one stage, separated from their old habits and ways, but not quite landed in theRead More →

“…then, thenceforward, and forever free…” They were the first words I heard waking up on this Juneteenth, Lincoln’s words ringing in my ears. Words it took the enslaved community in Galveston, Texas more than two years to hear. Words Lincoln should never have had to say in the first place. 155 years later, we’re still trying to get that “thenceforward,Read More →

What is our work? In this week’s passage from Matthew, Jesus’ words mean the disciples have to ask themselves this question. I ask myself this question constantly these days, as my work in so many ways looks different, even from day to day.  These last few weeks, as with many of you, I’m realizing once again just how much anti-racismRead More →

Dear Western Friends, Greetings as we approach Pentecost, the season we remember God’s gift of power in the form of the wind and flame of the Holy Spirit. On a Sunday when we remember all the disciples gathered in one place, it remains a difficult reality that we are still in many places.  In the midst of conversations about reopeningRead More →