Session Notes – February 2020

Your Session sat for its regular monthly meeting earlier this week.

As you know, the Session – elected by the congregation and ordained as elders – constitutes the local governing body of a Presbyterian church.

But the Session is not just the church equivalent of a business or non-profit board.  In addition to good governance, our responsibilities carry a spiritual imperative.  We try to pay close attention to where the Spirit leads us.  Guideposts along this path are helpful.

This year, we are concentrating not so much on what our church does than why we do it.  We believe this “why” is encapsulated in the statement, Western is a courageous community living into God’s love and justice.  All of our actions should point in the direction.

We mention this now because it’s been a focus during these winter months, and we’ll be referencing it more as the year goes on.  Stay tuned.

The Session also adopted a recommendation from Elder Jennifer Druliner’s Investment Fund task force to take the next steps toward establishing (for want of a better term) an oversight and advisory body for our endowment funds.

That’s it for this month.  Lent begins shortly and the pace of our church life with it.

Thanks for reading.